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  • empathy

  • creativity

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about us

We understand that this is an emotional product. It reflects the memories of your most precious personal moments; of your own life, with your loved ones or your hobbies’. Our core values empathy, creativity and quality are the embodiement of our striving to surprise you with a product that you will cherish for life. Therefore, we put effort into understanding the emotion behind your pictures. This effort reflects our value empathy. Once we lie our hands on a new project, ideas start to flow. The constant flow of new ideas reflects our value creativity. Because photography is our passion, we do not rest before we ourselves are satisfied with the end result. This drive for perfection reflects our value quality.

what our clients say


 “I simply don’t have the patience for this. MMA is the perfect solution for me!”


“Because of my busy schedule I don’t have time for making albums. Thanks to MMA my precious memories don’t get lost on my laptop!”


"we made a family album for my sister who was getting married. It was the best gift she got, she said.


"I ordered my album only a week ago and today I got it per post. It looks great and the quality is just beautiful.



In cooperation with Van Tongeren Photography we are able to offer a full package deal, from photographing your event or family to production of the album. Please get in touch with us by sending us a message.

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